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On 20th of August 2018 Greta Tunberg started a weekly strike against the inactiveness and ignorance of our political leaders in the matter of climate change and global warming. In shortest time this became an international movement. On 15th of March 2019, on a worldwide strike, more than 1,6 Million people have been on the streets, mainly young people which are all united as #FridaysForFuture. Meanwhile a lot of additional initiatives have been founded, like the #Scientists4Future supporting the Kids with professional and scientific background or the #Teachers4Future helping the FFF-Kids at school so that they do not fall behind by being absent on all the strike-fridays.

Also trade and industry shifts in thinking.
So Tim Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, blames the leaders for being inactive and the German GLS Bank supports #FridaysForFuture and other green initiatives with different resources. From conversations with our business contacts we also know there are many companies which agree to the aims of these initiatives and are not only willing to support them but also do their own business in a environmentally-friendly and climate-neutral way.

We are a high-tech company which provides different hard- and software products for the laser marking industry. Since 2015 we're following a strict ecological policy to deliver products as environmental-friendly as possible and to have "green" products as well.

Inspired by the #Scientists4Future campaign we want to start something similar where companies agree to support these goals in terms of climate protection and green business and where they are willing to support #FridaysForFuture - mentally, political, with own resources or whatever is feasible and possible. So when you want to take part, please let us know!

Our idea is to build up a list or a directory of supporting companies - which then are officially listed in this public directory. This directory then is intended to be the who-is-who of responsible and future-oriented companies and commercial organisations.

This directory is currently under development. In the meantime feel free to get in touch with us and let's discuss what we can do as commercially driven organisations which are ruled by economical conditions or simply to announce your support for this idea!

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